How to create dataframe in pyspark

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First, switch as spark user and run pyspark command su – spark pyspark You can use below code to create sample dataframe in pyspark from pyspark.sql import * department1 = Row(id=’123456′, name=’Computer Science’) department2 = Row(id=’789012′, name=’Mechanical Engineering’) department3 = Row(id=’345678′, name=’Theater and Drama’) department4 = Row(id=’901234′, name=’Indoor Recreation’) Employee… Read more »

Remote instance of NiFi is not configured to allow RAW Socket site-to-site communications

Site to Site communication can be done using below 2 methods1. HTTP 2. RAW HTTP method uses NiFi API to communicate information between NiFi instances using the HTTP protocol. The second method for Site to Site communication is RAW protocol which uses a dedicated port between the NiFi instances to… Read more »