How to change PHP version in cPanel

Latest cPanel version is now offering Multi PHP support on the servers. This multi PHP feature comes handy as now applications needs latest PHP versions to run their applications. Most of the applications like WordPress, Joomla Magento etc have different PHP version requirements. cPanel servers now supports PHP version from 5.4 to latest PHP versions like 7.1

These PHP version and their settings can be easily changed from cPanel using option called Multi PHP Manager.

Login to cPanel

You can login to your cPanel using link like once you are login to cPanel you will see home page of cPanel

Click on Multi PHP Manager 

Scroll down to cPanel page and find Multi PHP Manager option there

Change PHP version on Multi PHP Manager

You can see option set PHP version per domain on Multi PHP manager page there you can select you domain first and then you can change the PHP version using the drop down menu available from there.

Select the PHP version and click on Apply to change the PHP version to required PHP version.  In our case we wanted to save PHP version PHP 7.1 so we selected that version and clicked on apply to apply the new PHP version.

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