Creating software RAID 1 in centos 7 server

When we are considering server installation we want to be it to robust and fault tolerant. RAID is the way to do as it provide redundancy in case of hard disk failure. RAID allow replacing a failed drive in case of failure a disk. Generally while doing RAID configuration we want to have same size of hard disks as it increases compatibility with each other.


  • 2 Identical Hard Disk
  • 1 CentOS 7 CD

We will setup RAID 1 with both identical hard disk and will create LVM partitions on the server. So lets get started

Start the installation of CentOS 7 with selection of the language

Next is installation summary screen where we can click on installation destination

Select both the disk for installation and select I will configure partitioning and click on Done button

You will get on the LVM configuration screen where you can create partitions for installation

We are creating only / partitioning here and putting all the free space on the / partition

Click on Modify where you can select the RAID Level and select RAID level 1 for redundancy

Create standard boot partition

select device type as RAID and select RAID level 1

Create Swap partition

Click on Done to save final partitioning scheme

Click on begin installation

Set the password reboot the server once installation is complete

Once the server is installed and booted up you can see your raid configured by checking fdisk command

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