How to enable email autodiscover autoconfig in cPanel server

Most of the time configuring your email account in email client like Outlook Thunderbird becomes a very hectic task with the manual settings on the server. In such cases autodiscover functionality comes to rescue and it enables auto fetching of email client settings on the server. When email autodiscovery is enabled you will just need to enter email account and password in the email client. autodiscover will fetch the email client settings and will set the records in email client.

By default the autodiscover functionality is not enabled on the cPanel server you will need to enable it manually on the server to make this work. To enable autodiscover you can follow below steps

Login to WHM as root 

You can login to WHM console at its standard port 2087 using its server hostname. The standard login link looks like

Go to Tweak Settings in WHM 

Tweak settings can be located at Home »Server Configuration »Tweak Settings Navigate to that option to open the tweak settings

Search for autodiscover in tweak settings

Type autodiscover in the find box and it will list the settings related to the autodiscover


There turn on the feature called Thunderbird and Outlook autodiscover and autoconfig support (enables proxy subdomain and SRV record creation) to On Then click on save settings button to save the tweak changes.

You have now successfully enabled the  autodiscover and autoconfig support for the cPanel server now.

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