How to use ListenUDP Processor in NiFi

Most of the application now a days provide plugins to send data directly over TCP or UDP ports. Common example would be logstash which gathers logs does have facility of sending its data over UDP or TCP port.

Both processors ListenUDP and ListenTCP behaves same it starts listener on the specified port on the NiFi servers and keep listening for any incoming data to those ports.

How to configure ListenUDP processor

Lets create a sample flow with help of ListenUDP and LogMessage processor and it will look like this

To configure ListenUDP right click that processor and click on configure then click on properties

Properties in Bold are mandatory properties so give the Port value here for testing purpose we are using port 1234 mentioning local network interface is not mandatory

How to test ListenUDP Processor

To test if your flow is working properly you can use netcat command

Below command can be use to send some test UDP data over port 1234

nc -u nifiserverip 1234

This will open connection to UDP port and you can type data to send that data over UDP port

nc -u nifiserverip 1234

On NiFi canvas you can see that succesfully received and queued in the queue

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