Unable to issue query: could not connect to the Host Monitor

When you install a new cluster through Cloudera manager but after installation if you are seeing this warning Unable to issue query: could not connect to the Host Monitor then this generally means that either your Cloudera management service is in stop state or it is not added in the cluster during setup

To see if Cloudera management service is installed or not you can check your clusters menu and see if you can see service cloudera management service is there or not. If service is not there like it was in my case then you will need to add service on the cluster

Unable to see Cloudera Management service in service lists

To add service we can add Cloudera management service using add option in the right side of your Cloudera manager

Add Cloudera Management Service
Assign Role Page

Click on Continue and on the summary page click on Finish. This will install Cloudera Management service on your cluster

Once service is added we will see service there

Start Cloudera Management service and it will fix your issue. You will no longer see the error on the screen and widgets will start showing data

Cloudera Manager will start showing proper data on the UI

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