How to upgrade MySQL to Maria DB on cPanel Server

On cPanel server services like Apache, PHP and MySQL are integrated with the cPanel hence it is always advisable to upgrade or perform any operation on these services via cPanel only. In database services everyone are opting for MariaDB database as they are superior in performance than previous MySQL version. MariaDB improves performance and speed, offers faster joins, offers more storage engines and have integrated PAM support. To upgrade MySQL to Maria DB you can follow below steps.

Please take complete backup of your all MySQL databases on the server

Login to WHM Panel

Go to  Home » Software » MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade

Step 1:

Please note: After you upgrade MySQL/MariaDB, there is no supported way to downgrade to the previous version

Select the version which you want to upgrade MySQL. We will select MariaDB 10 which is recommended version by cPanel and click next

Step 2:

Accept the warning or acknowledge that you have taken backup of databases and that downgrade will not be possible in any case.

Step 3:

Select upgrade type as Unattended Upgrade

Step 4:

Upgrade process will start and you can monitor process output in the auto scrolling mode

You have successfully upgraded MySQL to MariaDB.

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